I have committed to take on this project as a long-term investment for myself, and ultimately anyone that may benefit from its contents. With consistent T.L.C., I hope to materialize the mental image of what I wish this platform to be.

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To support individuals ready to put in the work to break free of the constraints of genetic predispositions, familial and societal conformities and self-imposed limitations through nutrition and lifestyle restructuring so that their health and well-being is not the limiting factor to leading confident, capable and unapologetically flourishing lives.




Located in Marin County, just 20 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Jamie Campbell is an aspiring Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Her educational background includes a Bachelor's of Science in Dietetics through San Francisco State University and she is currently in the process of completing her Master's in Human Nutrition through the University of Bridgeport.

Jamie's professional background includes working for the Child Nutrition Services sector of several public school districts as well as working in a  clinical capacity at a medically supervised weight loss facility where she intimately aided in life-changing health improvements through proper nutrition and behavioral/lifestyle interventions.

Jamie is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

As much as talent counts, effort counts twice.

Angela Duckworth

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